Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sarah's 8th Birthday

Happy Birthday Sarah!

We celebrated Sarah's 8th birthday last weekend with a Baking Party!  It was such an adorable party and everything turned out so well.  10 of her classmates came to "Sarah's Kitchen" to bake with Miss Liz from Food Jules.  It was so wonderful to have someone else run the party - I just got to stand back and take lots of pictures to remember the fun!

I googled 'baking party' and came across a wonderful site called One Charming Party.  That is where I found the garland and hat making ideas for the party.  For the garland I simply strung cupcake liners and coffee filters on a string and hung it from our front mirror.  

Once all the girls had arrived we decorated chef hats with 'cup cake liner flowers'.  It was so simple.  They glued some coffee filters and assorted cupcake liners together to create the flower which and I then pinned to their chef hat.  

Here is Chef Sarah!

Next, the girls started baking!
Sarah was able to select the menu for the party.  She choose from 3 egg dishes, 3 waffle/pancake dishes, and 3 desserts.  These were Sarah's yummy choices for the party.

Once the food was in the oven the girls did the clean up and set the table themselves.  They were even excited about sweeping!

Finally, they sat down to enjoy their hard work!

Here is Jillian modeling the party favor aprons.  I ordered kids aprons from KNG and then simply ironed on the girls first initial (I had enough letters for Jillian and Sarah to get their full names on their aprons ; ).

These scones tasted as yummy as they looked.  The girls did a GREAT job!

Happy Birthday to our Sweet Sarah!

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