Friday, March 18, 2011

Rainbow Salt Art

Here is a fun little salt art activity!
All you need is an old plastic container, table salt, and some sidewalk chalk in different colors.
Grind the sidewalk chalk into the salt and against the side of the container.  I tried this in little glass bowls and the chalk did not wear down easily - you need an old plastic container.
The chalk will start to color your salt!
{this activity was too hard for my 3 year old but great for my 7 year old because you have to grind the chalk down and that takes some elbow grease}

Repeat with lots of different colors.
We used the colors of the rainbow!

And fill a decorative glass jar.
{Even though Matthew could not grind the chalk into the salt he loved using the funnel to fill the glass!}

A sweet and simple craft!
Have Fun


  1. You can also do this with magic markers. I remember do this as a kid.

  2. Woh great.I did'nt think about it,thank you for the post.The picture describe the exact method.
    I want to try this after my essay writing.
    Thank you once again


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