Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Fun Day

We have been getting together with another family for little 'educational days'.  The idea is to provide some enrichment activities outside of school.  So far we have met for a Fizzy Fun Day, a Math Games Day, and now a Christmas Fun Day!

Here was our line-up of activites.......

First, I read How the Grinch Stole Christmas and then had the kids come up with some adjectives describing the Grinch.
Idea found here on Pinterest.

Then we played this simple memory game.  The kids looked at the tray for a minute or two and then went off to different rooms to write down all the items that they remembered.

Then, we read The Sweet Smell of Christmas.  We have done this activity at the kids preschool and I just loved the idea.  It is now one of our family traditions.  I put all the scented items from the book into little bowls for the kids to pass around as I read.  The 6 different items were: gingerbread, peppermint candy canes, cocoa power, apples and cinnamon, evergreen, and oranges.

Then the kids needed a sweet treat, so we made some hot chocolate and the kids used these 'North Poles' to stir some peppermint, marshmallow and chocolate into their cocoa.

Finally, the kids played in SNOW.  The idea was to spell out some spelling and trick words into the shaving cream but that didn't really happen.  If you do plan on spelling words in the shaving cream be sure to use only a thin layer of cream, otherwise it doesn't really work.

Already looking forward to our next Educational Day!

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