Monday, May 16, 2011

Busy Boy

Things look different around here.......
Nathan no longer sleeps for hours on end in the swing and he no longer bounces happily {safe and contained} in the bouncy chair.

Now, he pulls himself up to standing on almost everything he can.....

.....crawls around the entire house

.....gets into mischief

.....and charms us and warms our hearts everyday. 

Our sweet little Nathan is such a blessing!

BUT because Nathan has become so busy I have not been able to craft or organize activities with the kiddos like I once did!
PLUS the weather is turning beautiful which means playing outdoors and going to the means running, climbing, blowing bubbles, riding bikes, scooting, swinging, and jumping rope!

I still have lots of activities and crafts that I plan on doing with the littles, but it will not be at the same frequency as when the weather was cold and we had a sleeping baby that kept us indoors!

{ to clean up the cheerios, smooshed blueberries and smashed banana from the highchair and kitchen floor!} 

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