Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day

It's Good Friday AND Earth Day!

Today we had a really nice family day.  We talked about the meaning of Good Friday and how Easter is really not all about the Easter bunny.  The kids are well aware of this but, in today's marketing driven world, there is always a need to reinforce things.

Then, I had a few fun Earth Day activities lined up for the kids.

Nature Scavenger Hunt
I found this spring scavenger hunt and thought it would be perfect for Earth Day!
I wrote out a list of 12 items for the kids to look for: pine needles, grass, acorns, mulch, pinecones, green leaves, dried leaves, a rock, a stick, moss, sand, and dirt.  I sent them out with an old egg carton and the hunt was on!

They were quite proud of themselves for working together to finish the hunt!

Mud, Dirt, and Worm Snack
I put chocolate pudding in a bowl, covered the pudding with oreo crumbs, and stuck in a few gummie worms.

Sarah and Jillian had seen this snack before - Matthew had not and his reaction was precious!
"Mommy, is that real dirt?" 
"Mommy, can you take the dirt off the gummie worm?"
"Can I eat it?" 

Recycled Milk Carton Wallet
I found this idea at Family Fun.  They have instructions, a video, and the template to make the wallet.  This was a 'mommy craft' and actually took longer than I thought it would.  Some of the folding can be a little tricky.  But, the kids love it and each want one of there own - so I will be cutting up a few more milk cartons tomorrow!

I love how it is the carton's cap that keeps the wallet closed.

Jillian loves it too!

Hope you had a great day too!

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  1. Thats a fantastic way to celebrate earth's day!! Love those wallets may have to try it:)


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