Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Vase

Here is a super cute and inexpensive Easter centerpiece.
You need some peeps, jellybeans and 2 vases -where one can fit into the other. 

Here is Matthew with the candies from our first attempt.

I was thrilled when a cylinder vase we had around the house fit perfectly into the apothecary jar I've been using for our centerpieces lately.

We set the cylinder vase into the larger jar and filled the space between the 2 jars with the jelly beans and peeps.  It looked good but I wasn't loving it, so we tried again.....

I bought pastel jelly beans and some pink peeps and now am much happier with the result!

It looks great with just the lid of the apothecary jar on it but it will look even better once I get a few bunches of pink tulips {to fill the center cylinder vase} for our sweet Easter weekend centerpiece.

Idea seen at TipJunkie

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  1. Love this idea! I made one and linked back to you! Thanks!!


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