Friday, April 8, 2011

Ones, Tens, Hundreds

Number Line Up

I modified this game I found at Mathwire to make it age appropriate for our kids.
It was an easy after dinner game that the kids had fun playing.  I wrote out four numbers on paper and gave one number to each child and one to their Dad.  I would call out a number like '842' and and the person designated the 'number maker' {in this case, their Dad} would move the human game pieces around to form the called out number.  This game was easily modified to the kids level of understanding.  For example, Matthew could make the number 2, Jillian could make an 84, and Sarah could make a 428. 
The kids loved moving the human game pieces around to create the correct number.

Place Value Game

Sarah enjoyed this game and it was a great way to help her understand larger place values.  The goal is to make the biggest number that you can with your digit cards.  Each player gets 10 digit cards (0-9) and turns them face down on the table.  Then each player takes a turn picking up a digit card and decides where they should put it in order to create the biggest number.  Sarah soon learned that the best strategy was to put the low value numbers in the one and ten slots and the high value numbers in the hundred and thousand slots.  
More detailed instructions, variations on the game and all the printables for the game can be found here at Mathwire.

Math is fun!

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