Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Salt Painting

Here is another craft using salt!  Draw a design or write some words with glue.  Pour a bunch of salt on top of the glue and shake off the excess. 

Add food coloring to a few bowls of water to make a variety of colored water. 
Get your paintbrush pretty full of the colored water and then gently touch the brush to the salt. 

The colored water will run along the salt/glue path!
You can also try experimenting with how the colors will mix......for example Jillian used yellow and blue which combined to make a hint of green.

At first our food coloring/water mixture was too concentrated and the color didn't run along the salt path very well.  I just watered down the colored water and it worked great.

This works best with black cardstock so that you can't see the colored water that bleeds off the salt and onto the paper.  This craft is pretty fun but I don't think it will keep well.  I tossed it once finished and didn't wait to see how it would dry.

This was a fun activity that I'm sure we will visit again!

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