Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sewing for Kids

This was such a great idea that I found at Filth Wizardry.
Sarah has been wanting to sew but I knew she wasn't ready to handle thin thread, a sharp needle, and fabric.
However, she IS ready for yarn, a plastic needle, and a no-slip shelf liner.
....and such a perfect activity for our Sarah!

I took some Sharpies and drew out a pattern on the liner.  Then Sarah just sewed along!

This held her attention for a whole afternoon.  She even took it along to dance class where she has to wait for Jillian's class to finish before hers begins.  It was so cute watching her happily sewing away in the waiting area.

Here is the finished product!

She did such a nice job!


  1. Very well done! She has done a great job:)
    If u dont mind, how old is she? I have been wanting to try this with my 39 mnth daughter....

  2. Awesome job Sarah!!! Love you!


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