Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Eggs

We decorated some Easter Eggs today!

We did a combo of some blown out eggs and hard boiled.
The picture below is a sample of the kids work!
The first row of eggs are dotted with glitter, the second row is your regular dye job, and the third row is colored with melted wax.

Glitter Eggs
When I saw the glittered and spotted eggs {I think in my Family Fun mag} I knew we would have to try them!  We did these with our blown out eggs so that we will be able to keep these.

You need adhesive dots {which you can purchase at craft stores}, a bowl of glitter {the finer the glitter the better the result}, and a paint brush.

Place the adhesive dots, 1 or 2 at a time on your egg and dip into the glitter, making sure to cover the dot completely.  Use your dry paint brush to sweep away the extra glitter.  Continue until you are happy with the look of your egg!

Dyed Eggs
I always mess up the dyed eggs somehow!  I just guess how much vinegar to add and I think I tend to add too much - resulting in blotchy looking eggs.  I also tried dying them in a muffin tin this year.  This was super easy and convienent but since the eggs are not submerged you need to turn them around in the tin and if you get distracted {like I do} you can end up with half the egg being darker then the other half.

Melted Wax
We had never tried this before and it was pretty fun!  I hard boiled some eggs and then had the kids draw on the hot eggs with crayon.  The crayon melts nicely and creates a nice marbled effect when you color all over the egg.  You just need to set up a holder for the hot eggs so the kids don't burn themselves - I used the back of an egg carton.


For some more really neat egg decorating ideas check out  hands on: as we grow.

Have fun decorating!

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