Saturday, December 11, 2010

Trees and Trains

You will see the date of my posts are not matching up with the actual time line of events.  I'm trying to play a little catch up during this busy month.

Sunday morning the kids were all ready to go to church with Daddy.  Unfortunately the van did not start (we think one of the kids must have been playing with one of the interior lights and wore down the battery over night).  Well, the kids came stomping back into the house with big pouts on their faces.  Luckily, I had a craft that I had been thinking about doing with them. 

To do the above craft we used a sharpener to get crayon shavings from bright coloured crayons (don't use green because it doesn't contrast enought against the green cardstock).  We melted the crayon between 2 sheets of wax paper.  Then cut out a Christmas tree from heavy cardstock and used paper hole punches to punch out the 'ornaments'.  Then we taped the wax paper to the back of the cardstock and hung it on a bright window.  Next time I would use more shavings than we did so that the coloured ornaments would look more dramatic.

Then Sarah was off to a birthday party but before she went she wanted to hold Nathan.  I love how this picture shows Sarah not sure what to do with a crying little brother.

I held Nathan a little bit to help him settle down and then tried again.  Sarah was just giddy holding her little brother.

When Sarah got back from the party we 'trimmed the tree'.  A tradition in our house is that Mommy gets to put the final angel on the tree once it's all decorated.

This year we had a new addition to the tree.  We bought a great Lionel Christmas Train last year after Christmas (on a great sale).  The kids can control it's speed and blow it's whistle and it even puffs out smoke!  

Then the oldest 3 got dressed into their pj's for their trip to the North Pole via the Polar Express Train.  I went last year but this year stayed home with Nathan.

Chris said the girls were full of excitement as they boarded the train for the 1 hour ride to the North Pole with an elf who hosts the ride.

They were given hot chocolate and cookies and then were visited by Santa and Mrs. Claus who gave them each a special Christmas bell.

Ellie the Elf made quite an impression on the kids.  Sarah and Jillian came home telling me they wanted to be elves and Matthew still asks me to pretend that I am Ellie. 

It was a super long day and the kids passed out on the way home with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads.

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