Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa on the Fire Truck

Last night, after supper, we told the kids that we were going to bundle up and look at the moon and the stars and maybe catch a glimpse of Rudolph practicing with the sleigh.  Luckily, we did see an airplane with a red flashing light which the kids believed was Rudolph.  They were super excited!

They were even more excited when they saw our town's decorated Christmas fire truck pull up to the driveway with Santa and presents too!  This is our 4th year having the truck come and they are surprised every time.

The fire department changes the theme and design of the truck every year, but it always looks magical and always excites the kids.

Santa tried to make all the presents educational.  Jillian got ThinkFun's Rush Hour game and was thrilled.  She loves being challenged by puzzles - but can also get easily frustrated.

Nathan received some stacking blocks.

Sarah received ThinkFun's Chocolate Fix.  This is an excellent game that teaches deductive reasoning.  When she opened her present she was really disappointed and tried hard to smile.  Then after playing the game she said it was her most favorite game!  I asked her if she learned a lesson and she said 'yes, don't judge a toy before you play with it!'

Matthew received a Design and Drill toy which has a working drill.  It was a big hit!

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