Sunday, December 12, 2010


You may wonder why I decided to call this blog SweetandSimpleThings.  Last fall I opened up an Etsy shop to sell small paper items such as cupcake toppers, gift tags, note cards etc.  I called the shop SweetandSimpleThings and thus decided to name this blog the same.  Here is the link to my shop....

You will see that there is nothing for sale!  I opened it before knowing that we were going to be pregnant with our 4th.  I stopped working on the shop during the pregnancy due to lack of energy but now that our little Nathan is 3 months I'm starting to think about it again and will try to slowly start back up again.  Here is a small sample of the things that I create.

These are a few examples of Thank you tags.  I print the tags on heavy cardstock and then punch them out with a circle paper punch.  Then I punch a small hole in the top so that they can tied to favors and gift bags with ribbon.

Here are 2 examples of note cards.

And here are some examples of cupcake toppers.

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  1. I didn't know you were on Etsy!!!! Off to put you in my favs.... :)


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