Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Corner Store

We have played 'Corner Store' a few times now.  The kids LOVE IT!  They help pick out what will be in the store and then take turns purchasing their items.  We usually fill the bowls with a combination of food and non-food items.  The items in the store today were: fruit snacks, granola bars, marshmallows, squinkies, gumballs, crayon erasers and stickers.
It is so interesting to see their little personalities come out in this activity......Jillian will use up all of her $2.00 to the very last penny.  She would also buy all gumballs if I would allow her - I enforce a strict 5 gumball rule.  {The gumballs were left over from our gingerbread house building at Christmas, in case you are wondering why I even have gumballs in the house!}
Sarah, on the other hand, is our healthy eater and often forgoes the sweets and usually has a bunch of money left over.

Once the kids have picked all their items I have Sarah add up the total and then count out the change - a sneaky way for her to practice her math and money skills.

Sarah also read {and really enjoyed!} the following 2 books by Loreen Leedy.

This is a great book that introduces money concepts such as: buying, selling, earning, saving, investing, donating, budgeting and interest!  It has 'kids humor' too which had Sarah laughing out loud. 

This was a cute book about a quarters adventures at the mint, bank, store, vending machine, garage sale and more.  It held Sarah's attention and was another way to help her learn about money math without knowing it.  Love that!

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