Friday, February 4, 2011

Tissue Paper Valentine Heart

Here is a pretty little Valentine window decoration.

Cut red, pink and white tissue paper into small squares.
Cut contact paper into a heart shape {I used clear contact so the light would shine through the tissue paper}
Stick the tissue paper onto the sticky side of the contact paper until it is all covered.
Hang from the window and enjoy!

This was a great craft for Sarah.
She enjoyed covering every part of the contact paper with tissue.

This craft was a little too tricky for Matthew.  Next time I would cut larger squares of tissue paper for him. 

Now our basement windows are ready for Valentine's Day too!


  1. Beautiful!! I've done a version of this with wax paper and Elmer's glue. In fact we've done mittens for winter, clovers for St Patty's day, etc. My Matthew's very into gluing, so it holds his attention for a longer time. The glue dries clear for a good stained glass effect.

    Great to see you last night!! Can't wait to see the next awesome activity @ the Greene house :)

  2. Thanks Monica! Sorry for the late reply! I need to get into the habit of checking the 'comment' section on my dashboard! Your idea sounds cool - will have to give it a try. With Matthew so into gluing you better buy in bulk : )


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