Thursday, February 24, 2011

Food Fun

Here is an easy activity to throw together that uses things you already have around the house.
I took a big plastic bin and filled it with funnels, spoons, little bowls, scoops, jars, small cars and trucks and lots of beans! 

The beans were too big for the funnels we have, and the kids really wanted to use the funnels, so I also took out rice and couscous.  This was a little risky considering the potential mess I could have had to deal with!  But I asked the kids to 'please be very careful' and had a broom and dustbin close by. 

Matthew gave the funnels a work out!

Jillian was very proud of her jar of rice and 'soup'.

Jillian has a wonderful imagination and Matthew will do just about anything Jillian asks him to do, so they had a great time mixing, pouring and stirring together.


  1. We do this too! Although my kids like to spread the beans all over the kitchen floor and 'swim' in them. I'm amazed at the NEATNESS of this activity @ your house!! :)

  2. I use to do this with rice, but I think the beans is a better way to go! Hope you have a nice day with Matthew's birthday on Monday.
    Love, Nadine

  3. Thanks Nadine - I can't believe little Matthew is going to be 3!

  4. Sadley Monica I don't think I would be able to relax enough to let the kids swim in them! I would go a little crazy with that : ) I pretty much followed them around with a broom with this activity already! Ok I need to relax a little when it comes to messes : )


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