Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Play Makeup

This is such a sweet and simple little activity for the girly girl in your house {that would be Jillian in our house}.  Jillian loves all things dress-up, make-up and jewelry.  This is a change from our Sarah who does not like jewelry and thinks make-up is gross.  So it is fun to indulge Jillian a little bit!

Gather up some old make-up containers.......

.....and then fill them with some fun and bright nail polish!
{fill the container higher than you think because it will dry to about half the height}

Now here is the tough have to tell your little girl that she will have to wait at least 24 hrs for the play makeup to dry {depending on how deep your containers are}.  Patience is a virtue right?

I had Jillian wait about 5 days!
I wanted to be sure the smell was out of the nailpolish.
Let the containers dry in a well ventilated area {I set them out in the garage}.

Jillian was SOOOO excited to finally play with her new makeup!

Idea for Play Makeup Not so Idle Hands via Meet the Dubiens.

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