Thursday, February 3, 2011

Icicles and Treats

Snow Day........again!

Here was a really easy craft from Frugal Family Fun.  It was perfect for today since we have so many icicles!
Just squeeze out a whole bunch of glue on the top of a piece of cardstock. 

Hold the paper up so the glue begins to drip and form icicles.

And sprinkle with salt!

Easy, fun and done!

Snowman Hats

This is cute little snack that I saw in one of the Williams Sonoma cataloges.  I figured instead of spending a lot of money for these little cuties I could just make them myself! 
They are so easy!

Just set out a bunch of oreos on wax paper and then place a large marshmallow on each.

Melt some semi sweet bakers chocolate in a double boiler (be sure that the water in the double boiler does not boil and does not touch the pot or bowl that the chocolate is melting it).
Spoon and spread the melted chocolate over the marshmallows and cookies.
Sprinkle with white nonpareils (to look like snow).
Put in the fridge to set.

I guess these are Valentine Snowman Hats since the only nonpareils we had were pink and white.

Zebra Pretzels

I had a wax paper lined cookie sheet of pretzels ready to be drizzled with any extra melted chocolate from the Snowman Hats.  Once I used up all the dark chocolate on the pretzels I thought they looked a little plain, so I melted white chocolate and drizzled that on too.   


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