Sunday, February 6, 2011

Will you be my Sticky Valentine?

We painted with...........corn syrup!?!
The kids thought this was hilarious!
I cut out a heart from cardstock and poured some corn syrup in the middle.  Then I spread it out on the heart for Matthew.  Jillian spread her own corn syrup which did become a bit sticky.  Be careful that you don't use too much corn syrup because it will take forever to dry.  You need enough to swirl around but not too much.

The kids dropped food coloring on the corn syrup.  Do not use too much blue or green coloring as it will make your design far too dark.  I would recommend only 1-2 drops of the darker colors.

Then swirl the coloring around and around.  We used the back of a chubby paintbrush to do the swirling.

Matthew only used red and yellow coloring and it turned out so pretty.

It takes a long time to dry.  I'd recommend setting it out of the way for 2 to 3 days so that it won't be disturbed while it is drying.
The end result has such a pretty shine.

You could also pour corn syrup into an ice cube tray, mix the colors in and paint the syrup on with a paint brush.  This would result in a thinner layer of corn syrup and a shorter drying time.  We will probably try it like this the next time we craft with corn syrup!

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