Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Blossom Tree

I am in love with this craft!
It's really easy and such a great keepsake.  I found the idea at a great blog called Meet the Dubiens
I painted Matthew's arm with brown paint and pressed it onto some pink cardstock.  Next I tried to help Matthew make thumbprint hearts but he was not these are my lovely thumbprint hearts! 
I started with red leaves and thought it looked a little bare........ I added pink and white hearts and then thought I went a bit overboard.
Still very pretty!

I find thumbprint hearts are actually a little tricky for my kids but I think this craft would look just as pretty with red, pink and white single thumbprints for leaves instead.  I love this craft so much I have a little idea that I am planning to do with it in a future post - stay tuned!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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