Sunday, February 20, 2011

Me on the Map

It's not unusual for us to ask 'What country do we live in?' and hear 'Connecticut'!  or to ask 'What State do we live in?' and hear 'United States'!  I think this is pretty common for little kids but it is extra confusing for our kids since the girls were born in Ontario, Canada but now live in Connecticut, USA.

{On a side note, with the upcoming President's Day, my girls were very disappointed to hear that they could never be President since they were born in Canada.  We told them they could be Prime Minister of Canada but that didn't seem to make them feel better.}

I found this great geography activity that I hope will help the kids visualize where we are on a map.  I think I will have to make a version of this for where they were born and where all our relatives live too!

I used my nesting mixing bowls to trace out 7 circles on construction paper and on white paper.  The 7 white circles I then trimmed to slightly smaller than the construction paper circles. 
{This step is probably not necessary and you could just draw right on the colored paper.} 

I labeled the circles {see picture} and then Sarah drew or glued on pictures for each one.

I punched holes in the circles and strung some ribbon through.  It now hangs in our kitchen for future reference.

 Idea for Me on the Map by Finally in First.

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  1. That is SUCH a great activity! Thx for sharing. Matthew does the same thing, mixing up the state & country.


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