Friday, February 25, 2011

Spin Painting

Here was a GREAT activity from The Artful Parent!

Spin painting with your salad spinner!

First, I cut out white cardstock so that it fit into the bottom of the salad spinner.
{I found a mixing bowl that was just about the right size and used that to trace the circles on paper}

Then the kids picked out the colors they wanted to spin and squeezed out drops of paint {washable, non toxic} on to the paper.

Spin, spin, spin!


So pretty!

Let's do more!
{good thing I anticipated this and had pre-cut a bunch of cardstock!}

We all loved this activity!

The kids loved squirting on the paint, spinning, and lifting the lid to see their creation and I loved that the paint mess was contained!

Now, off to wash my salad spinner!

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