Sunday, February 27, 2011

Matthew's Birthday!

Our sweet little Matthew turned 3 yesterday!
We had a fun and relaxing family day.

Here he is all excited to open his presents.

He loved his wooden blocks, real bug discovery kit, and a 'big boy' piggy bank.

All the kids loved his presents and played so nicely with them while the waffles Matthew requested where being made.

Then we went off to the aquarium to Touch a Shark!

Matthew actually ended up being a little too scared to touch the shark once we were there, but enjoyed watching the rest of us!

Here are the sharks......

.....and here are the boys of the family.

On the way home from the aquarium we stopped off at CRUMBS and everyone got to pick out their own cupcake.  If you know us well do you think you can guess which cupcake belongs to which person?
{the cupcake in the top right corner was an extra}

 Start guessing!

OK so here is what we all picked......

Matthew - Candy {with the mini M&M's since he loves chocolate candy}
Sarah - Grasshopper {for her love of mint}
Jillian - Cotton Candy {loves all things pink}
Chris - Brownie {loves Brownies}
Me - White Hot Chocolate {for my love of white chocolate and hot chocolate}

Did you guess right?


Matthew had such a hard time blowing out the last candle!  It was so funny and we were all laughing - he was such a good sport and just kept on trying.  He finally did blow it out.

Jillian had no trouble devouring her half!
{Crumbs cupcakes are so huge everyone got 1/2}

Finally, a sweet picture of our oldest and youngest.

Happy Birthday Matthew!
We love you so much!

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