Saturday, January 8, 2011

Book Inspired Art

This morning Jillian had her first skating lesson.  She skated last year and did really well but we thought we would sign her up for some lessons, too.  The drive to and from the rink was absolutely beautiful.  All the trees were covered with snow and the view was amazing.  Here are some pictures from our backyard.

I wrote about this book yesterday.  We read it again today and loved how all the pictures were blue and white and looked so dramatic.

I found this great book inspired art project at Superheros and Princesses
I put painters tape on cardstock since this was the tricky part.

Then Sarah painted the paper dark blue and 'sprayed' on the white paint with an old toothbrush.

We then peeled off the tape and had our own dramatic winter scene like the book!  How great that a wonderful book inspired our craft for the day!

Sarah liked the craft but really wanted to join Jillian in making their own 'masterpieces'.  So they sat down with our easel and created their own blue and white scene.

And here they are......

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