Friday, January 14, 2011

Decorating with Ice

Our little Sarah loves the snow!  She will take snow in the face and keep on laughing, snow down her back and keep on playing, wet winter gloves and keep on smiling.  Our little snow baby!

I sent her out with a bowl to collect twigs, pine needles, leaves and berries.  We added some water and let it freeze overnight.  I tore a handle from a brown paper gift bag and put it into the freezing water so that we could hang it from a tree.

Here is her outdoor ice decoration!

Then we filled a plastic shell that our apples come in with cranberries and some frozen blueberries.

We added water and pushed yarn into each section so that it would make a winter garland when frozen.

Here is our frozen ice garland hanging on a tree.  As it melts we will see if the birds like the cranberries and blueberries!

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