Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Make your own Snowflake Clings

It was a SNOW DAY today! 

Our town declared a 'State of Emergency' from all the snow we had!  You can see that we had between 21" and 24" of snow!

No school!  Daddy's home from work!  No place we had to be!

We started with a 'special breakfast' of waffles and bacon (which I will have to post about - it is so delicious).

We decided to stay in our jammies and start crafting!  Here we are making our own Snowflake Clings by using Elmer's glue on wax paper.

{you can also sprinkle glitter on the glue for a sparkly snowflake}

Then we went outside to play.

Here the girls had just jumped off the deck railing into the drifts of snow below!

Here is how our Snowflake Clings turned out.  You can peel them from the wax paper when they are still a bit wet so they will stick OR you can use some water on on the back of them to stick them to the windows.

{Update - we woke to almost all the snowflakes on the floor.  They were directly above a heating vent which may have dried them out too much.  You could lots of water to restick them but then it gets a bit messy}

I got this idea from one of my FAVORITE blogs called Almost Unschoolers.  She has fabulous ideas that are the inspiration for a lot of our crafts and educational activities.

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