Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What is my Rule?

When I told Sarah that we were going to play 'What is my Rule' she was SO excited!  Apparently she had just played a version of this game at school. 

I thought of a 'rule' in my head and then had Sarah think of a number to put IN the machine.  She would write the number under the IN column.  Then, I would tell her what number would come OUT of the machine and she would write that number under the OUT column.  After 3 numbers she had to figure out what the 'rule' was and write it on the machine.

The third machine shows Sarah's rule that she had me figure out.

You can make this game as easy or hard as you like.  For example, the 'rule' for older kids could be
'multiply by 5 and subtract 2'
'divide by 2 and add 4'

It was great to see Sarah having FUN with math!

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