Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Penguins!

  South Pole Penguins is a wonderful book that is quite interesting.  It had lots of facts in it that included some geography, biology, and ecology.  The best was it talked about penguin poop (called guano).  We all know that kids love potty talk - so Sarah thought this book was hilarious!  Jillian, however, was very sad to find out that the food web for penguins is changing due to global warming and that the penguins are not finding enough food.

{The Adventures of Riley is a series.  Some of the other books take him to Madagascar, the Amazon and South Africa.  We will definitely be checking out these books too!}

 Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Penguins

I attempted to make a fun penguin snack with things I had in the house. 
Yes, these penguins look a little bit sad, but the kids thought they were great!
{I was just happy the kids could tell they were penguins!}

1 cut a large marshmallow in half lengthwise and stack it on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet
 2 cut some of the sides off the top marshmallow to form a thinner head 

3 covered them with melted chocolate (the backs will not have chocolate on them)
4 take the marshmallow 'bits' that you cut off the head and use them for the white bellies
5 some fruit snacks we had in the house formed the feet, beak and eyes
6 put in the fridge (once out of the fridge you can trim off the excess chocolate)


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