Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Great Kids Music

The Puntamyo series of CD's are a great way to introduce children to world music.  They have music from all over the world.  One of our favorites to dance around to is World Playground 2.  The kids can get a little wild while dancing but it is also a great way for them to expend some of their energy.......and boy do they have a lot of energy!

Sarah loves turning up the music and dancing around.  Today, after a bunch of dancing she said, 'I'm so happy inside!'.  Then she added that she was a little bit sad because Daddy wasn't home yet to join in our wild rumpus.

In the above picture Sarah is holding Kaya, her American Girl, who has made a major resurgence after being neglected for at least a year.  Now, she is the most important thing to Sarah.  Over Thanksgiving we had to send Kaya to the American Girl Doll Hospital to replace her detached arm (due to certain siblings fighting over the doll and hence pulling the arm right off).  Sarah sent a very heart warming note to the Doll Hosipital doctors asking them to take extra special care of her Kaya - so sweet.

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