Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fraction Penguin Craft

 Here is great math activity {disguised as a craft} that I found at Almost Unschoolers

First cut some large black and white circles for the body and wings and then some small orange circles for the beak and feet.  You can have your child trace and cut our their own circles for practice.

Cut one whole black circle in 1/2 and then into a 1/4 for the wings.
Cut one whole white circle in 1/2 and then into a 1/4 for the belly.

{while cutting you can be chatting to your little ones about the fractions you are creating}

Repeat by cutting the orange circles into 1/4s for the beak and feet.
Add some googly eyes and you have a ....

Fraction Penguin!

Sarah called her penguin 'Quarter'.
Jillian insisted on adding eyelashes to her penguin and making a little baby penguin too!

And here is our sweetest little penguin - Nathan!

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