Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snowball Soap Surprise

We had another SNOW DAY here last Friday! 
I started preparing the night before - since they seem to close schools with the lightest flurry.
I found some cool WINTER crafts to try out!
{more posts to come}

Snowball Soap Surprise
is from Family Fun and you can find it here

All you need is a bar of soap, a grater, some warm water, and a little toy!
{I only let the kids grate when the bar was still large as this could be an accident waiting to happen}

Soap shavings for the snowball.

Here is the Squinkie 'surprise' that Jillian put inside her snowball.

The fun part was molding the snowballs! 
We gathered up the soap shavings, added a little bit of warm water, and started molding the snowballs around the small toy - adding more shavings and more water as needed.  Then we let them dry on some parchment paper.

I wasn't sure how well these little cuties would hold up, but they have been great!  They are perfect for little hands to hold and make handwashing fun.


  1. Just saw this on craftgossip. What a great craft for kids and adults. Love this!

  2. Brilliant :)
    Came from CraftGossip too...


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