Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day

Today was SNOW DAY number 6!
Wow we have a lot of snow!

  I thought we should spend time on worksheets today since all the kids have been missing so much school.

I found some great worksheets to keep us busy for the morning.
While Sarah did a Winter Word Fraction worksheet found here, Jillian worked on a Quilt Square Challenge found here.

{Jillian dressed herself this morning}

Then we did some wonderful Valentine worksheets found here.

My Heart Skips a Beat
{skip counting by 5's}

Candy Heart Graphing
{ok we didn't have Candy Hearts but these gumdrops worked well!}

The kids sorted and counted the colors while Sarah graphed their findings.

Candy Heart Patterns
{again used the gumdrops instead}

It was neat to see the kids level of understanding come through in this activity.  Matthew's pattern was all purple gumdrops, Jillian's pattern was alternating orange and purple, and Sarah's pattern involved all the colors.

Dip and Record

I gave the kids a scoop so they could dip into the candy bowl and put the M&M's on a plate.  From there they would count out the candies into groups of 10's and 1's.  Jillian and Matthew did the counting and Sarah did the recording.

Valentine M&M Hugged Pretzels
Finally, Sarah and Matthew worked as a team to prepare our M&M Hugged Pretzels.  We have made these before {find instructions here} but these were with a Valentine twist!


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  1. Hi guys
    Glad to see you are enjoying all your snow days. Wow, you sure have alot of snow! We havne't had any snow days yet! What's with that?! We have been enjoying watching all the great things you make and create. Keep up the good work!
    love, Auntie Nadine


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