Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shaving Cream Fun

Often when we craft I am a little too particular about not making a mess.  A messy craft can leave me feeling a little twitchy and wondering why I attempted it in the first place.  I decided it was time to just let the kids go wild and have a messy fun time.  I sat them down and let them spray shaving cream all over the kitchen island.  I think they thought that mommy had gone mad!

This is a great sensory activity and it really wasn't too bad to clean up.  It was interesting to see how at first Matthew didn't like having any shaving cream on him but then he relaxed and started having fun. 

Jillian wrote out her name.

I knew before we even started that Sarah would be the one who would play the longest with the shaving cream.  She is our sensory loving child.  I still remember when she was in daycare and her teachers showed me a picture they had taken of Sarah covered in pudding.  They had been painting with pudding and Sarah had decided that she would take a bath in it!

Have fun! 
They are only young once!

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