Thursday, January 13, 2011

Paper Roll Owl Family

Another Snow Day, another morning of fun in our jammies!

I started out by attempting Confetti Egg Cups this morning.

It's really simple with just a slice of ham, egg, peppers and cheese placed in a muffin tin.  They were yummy and so easy the kids could put them together (minus the cracking the egg part).

Then we headed down to the basement for some craft time.

Today we made this Owl Family craft with toilet and paper towel rolls.
Just cut the rolls to various sizes and paint.
Let the paint dry and then fold in the tops of the roll to make the owl ears.

Add wings cut from pretty paper or fabric, some google eyes and a beak!
Here is our Owl Family!
(Yes, that's Chris and I in the back row and the 4 kids in the front).

I didn't think this craft would be such a hit!  The kids were very excited and to put their owls together and they played very nicely with them once they were done.
Whoot! Whoot!

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