Monday, January 17, 2011

Penguin Math!

I'm going to make the next week of posting all about PENGUINS!  There are so many penguin related books, activities and crafts that I figured I would dedicate a whole week to that cute little bird in a tuxedo!

365 Penguins is really a math book.  It was a lot of fun to read, and if I can make math fun it will engage Sarah.  We both enjoyed this book.

Continuing with the math theme, I sat the kids down with some great penguin math and activity printouts.

As anyone with more than 1 child knows, it can be next to impossible to get a picture with all involved children looking and smiling at the camera.  I tried and tried and here is what we got!

Once the kids settled down they enjoyed the math sheets.  Sarah needed a little help to figure out the concept of Pascal's Triangle......

......but once she understood she was thrilled!

Matthew worked on counting the 'goldfish' in the penguin's belly.

Until Jillian changed the game and helped Matthew eat all the goldfish!

See you tomorrow for more PENGUIN fun!

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